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Welcome to Visconti Press.


Visconti Press is a new home for contemporary erotic literature. We recognize erotica’s potential, and we want to see its best examples published, read, and recognized as more than just porn.


We love porn, fuck-fiction that is all about turning people on and getting them off. Porn succeeds to the degree it takes the readers where the writer wants them to go, so the quality of the text is not the priority, of course. The goals of erotic literature can be more complicated: it’s fuck-fiction, but it’s also literature, exploring character, language, or the world in ways that make it operate on multiple levels. Sometimes it’s not even about fucking, but explores physicality or carnality in challenging ways.


At its best, erotic literature becomes high art, treading the borderlines between flesh, mind, and soul.


So, while we like it all, that’s our preference at Visconti Press: great literature about sex. Bad writing annoys us, and fiction that only does one thing (even if that one thing is making us hot) eventually bores us. We can only reread the classics of our field so many times and, while there is great erotic art being made these days, it’s easy to lose track of it amid the flood of bad fiction, cynically conceived and shoddily executed.


We’re hoping you’ll come to see Visconti Press the way we do, as a home for literature that is well written, sexy, sometimes challenging, and always worth reading. 


We’re proud to start our publishing line with two novels by newcomers to the field:


LN Bey’s Blue manages to be sexy, smart, satirical, and entirely new. Influenced by classic BDSM narratives such as The Marketplace, Carrie’s Story and the Sleeping Beauty trilogy but set in the bland American suburbs, Blue follows two submissives who have never met but whose lives influence each other more than they know. Bey is one of erotica’s new talents, with stories in Best Bondage Erotica 2015, Love Slave: Sizzle and Laura Antoniou’s upcoming No Safewords 2. See LN’s writings on BDSM erotica at

Siri Ousdahl’s Constraint is a literary sex novel, a gorgeously written dark love story in the tradition of The Story of O and Fowles’s The Collector. Beautiful, poetic, sometimes brutal – Constraint is a passionate, intelligent and unforgettable romance. Ousdahl is the pseudonym for an award-winning writer of books and short fiction; this is her first erotic novel, but we hope she will write more. 

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